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About us

  1. Anja van Bienee

    Anja is both the commercial soul of 015keramiek and an amazing potter extracting beauty from clay.

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    Our philosophy: We believe in craftmanship and we have passion for clay. (more)

015 Keramiek in a few words

015 Keramiek is a pottery located in Schiedam, The Netherlands, handcrafting tableware, home decorations, and art.

What is 015 Keramiek

015 Keramiek is a contemporary pottery, where traditional techniques are rediscovered and reinvented, while at the same time introducing unique technological innovation. Using a broad range of techniques, we are producing diverse products, from practical tableware to unique pieces of art and design.

What are we doing at 015 Keramiek

To make our products, we use the turntable, we connect slabs of clay, and we pour liquid clay in our proprietary plaster molds. We push these techniques to their limits, knowing what the clay can withstand and optimising the quality of the final product. To maximise creativity and quality we collaborate with innovation companies that help us infuse new technology into ancient techniques. Combining old craftsmanship with modern technology, design, and colours is what makes 015 Keramiek so special.

How are we working

We are continuously learning from expert colleagues around the world, especially the ones, that like us, have distilled the knowledge of millennia of pottery development. It is wonderful to be able to combine the knowledge coming from various continents and artist. At the same time we are exploiting the fact that The Netherlands is also known to be a center for innovation. Discussing and introducing innovation in our routines makes us feel part of the millennial long tradition of improving this amazing craftsmanship.

Why are we doing this

We believe in the traditional craft, we love clay, and we welcome the sustainable footprint of ceramics. We want to reverse the use of plastic and bland mass produced items in our kitchens by going back to the original sustainable high-quality base material: clay. We also feel a connection to pottery, a fascinating old craft, full of traditions worth keeping alive. Finally, not to underestimate is the power of beautiful pottery to brighten our lives!

For whom are we doing this

We are creating for individuals, companies, and organisations alike. We believe ceramics does not have boundaries and can improve every ambient, both personal and commercial. We welcome everyone to take a step back from consumerism and embrace the high-quality durable products from 015 Keramiek.