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At 015 Keramiek we not only offer the opportunity to discover this fascinating journey with clay, but we do so in a unique way through workshops and classes that are suitable for every level.

Workshop: Do you want to experience the wonderful world of pottery without long-term commitments? Our workshops are perfect for you! Take part in a one-off session where you will learn the basics of pottery making. Discover the techniques, turn the potter's wheel and create your own work of art. 3 weeks afterwards you can proudly take your homemade piece home with you. (More info and booking)

Course: For those who want to get started with pottery as a longer-term plan, we offer lessons via a subscription that have a minimum duration of 6 months. Learn the intricacies of turning on the electric potter's wheel, hand shaping with rolled out slabs of clay, the thumb pot technique, construction with clay rolls, modeling and glazing. These lessons are designed to deepen your skills. (More info and booking)

Why 015 Keramiek

We transfer our knowledge and experience with passion, we stimulate creativity and enjoy that everyone enjoys everything that has to do with clay. We work as circularly as possible, health and the environment are of paramount importance to us. Our range of courses and workshops is wide, varied and flexible.


We have 10 electric turntables, several big kilns, a clay roller, extruder, walking table, work tables, necessary tools, a nice and cozy studio with the necessary types of clay, tools and glazes where you can work surrounded by plants while enjoying delicious coffee and tea.


015 Keramiek is a large studio in the historic center of Schiedam, right next to the municipal museum of Schiedam. We are easily accessible also from Rotterdam, Vlaardingen, Delft and surrounding areas by public transport or car/bicycle.

For whom

Our courses and workshops are for everyone aged 16 and over. For people who want to learn what is possible with clay, for people who want to be creative, for people who want to work with others with their hands in the clay, or for people who want to clear their heads. It is not without reason that pottery making is called the new yoga. We teach to both beginners and intermediate/advanced students.

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